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Gymnastics Climbing Powerlifting Powders

This product adopts the drawstring design. When the magnesium powder is insufficient, you can add it by yourself and can it can be reused. The magnesium powder balls are small in size equaling the size of the baozi. The outer packaging is a self-sealing plastic bag.

It is a must-have for those people who are the basketball player, pole veterans, shot putters, javelin athletes, and other sports players that need to master items by hand. Acrobatic athletes, ring athletes, and parallel bars athletes all use antislip magnesium powder. Magnesium powder can also be used for simple ground antiskid treatment.

For example, when you are playing badminton, sprinkle some magnesium powder on the floor to enhance the ground friction. Nowadays, the popular pole dance fitness also needs magnesium powder, which can increase friction.

Magnesium powder is also an essential item when you are performing heavy weight exercises, such as lifting a barbell. Magnesium powder is a very light white powder with a very strong moisture absorption effect, which can effectively keep your hands dry and increase friction.