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Outdoor Sports Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Double Wall Insulation Infuser Water Bottle! Don't settle! Drinking water doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Armed with the Healthful Hydration water bottle, you have the opportunity to make delicious water infusions, by adding fruit, vegetables, and herbs and reaping DOUBLE the benefits! Infused water not only keeps you hydrated but also provides you with a host of essentials vitamins and minerals, to help you feel your best! 

Contrary to cheap travel tumblers and inferior infusers, our water bottle is FREE of harmful chemicals and will NOT spoil the flavor or quality of your drinks. Easy to fill, the Healthful Hydration bottle is also Dishwasher Safe, for your ultimate convenience!

Perfect for anyone on the go, or those leading an active lifestyle. Our infuser bottle is 100% leak-proof, ensuring not a single drop of your delicious infusion goes to waste! What’s more, our bottles are also safe against shattering, while they can be effortlessly opened, thanks to their flip-top, helping you take delightful sips –anytime, anywhere!

Product Features:
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size (L*W): 24.4cm*5.6cm*7cm      
  • Capacity: 650ml