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March 19, 2020

Core Strength is an important thing to gain as it looks after the body as a person starts to age. So, it is very important to get into exercises which would help in strengthening of the body. You need to start with a proper abs routine which would directly target at your abdominal muscles. It would provide your entire body the strength and flexibility it requires for a healthy tomorrow. Here are top four exercises which can help you in the development of abs and the core strength:

professional streching

Hanging Leg Raises

It is a great abs exercise which plays an impactful role in increasing the strength of the upper body, namely, the shoulders and the gripping strength. All you need to do is gripping a bar extended with arms at shoulder width apart. You need to now raise your legs in front and lower them controlling the rest of the body. You need to ensure that your body maintains stability.

Side Plank

It is a compound exercise movement as it targets the entire core and hones. All you need to do is lie on either side or stretch the waist by placing both the elbow right below the shoulders. It is a great exercise for promoting lengthened and oxygenated muscles.

Reverse Curls

This a great exercise related to body-weight. IT helps in strengthening of the lower abdominals and strengthening the full core. It directly targets the lower abdominals. You can start this up with easy alternatives of reverse curls and do it comfortably for better results.

Mountain Climbers

Again a compound exercise, mountain climbers requires positioning yourself in a plank position. It sometimes becomes quite hard to keep pace with the intensity of this exercise type. However, it plays a major role in the development of your core.