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December 23, 2020

When you are looking for the best water bottles for the gym, you need to consider a few things. If you are training hard, then you know that you need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and to help clear out the toxins in your system. Finding the best bottle that gives you enough water is critical to giving you the maximum amount of hydration so that you can maximize your workout time and energy. Here are three pros and cons for each type of sports bottle:

Water Bottles for Gym: Leak proof, long-lasting bottles. All Gym water bottles are made to be leak proof so they won't leak and get stuck in gym mats or other places. A popular choice for gym water bottles is the soft-sided sports bottle with an easy to snap on lid. This style of bottle is also durable so it will last for years, even years of gym time.

Water Bottles for Gym: Durable, leak-proof bottles. One of the best choices for gym bottles is the long-lasting stainless steel bottle. Stainless steel bottles are both durable and leak proof, meaning they won't leak or get stuck anywhere. If you're concerned about a bottle falling over, or maybe you just don't want the plastic breaking, then the stainless bottle is probably the right choice for you.

There are many different designs available for these bottles and all feature some sort of snap on lid. If you're more comfortable drinking from the bottle itself rather than from the lid, then the snap on lid design makes it easier to drink from without taking your head off of the glass. If you need to get something much faster, then you can always remove the lid and drink without any problem, but some people prefer the ease of access that the snap on lid provides.

The Pro Solution: This bottle has all of the features of the longer lasting stainless steel bottles, but it also has an insulated bottle to keep water cold longer. Most insulated bottles require you to put the insulated bottle directly in front of the freezer before the ice begins to melt. This causes a problem with some models, so if you're using this type of insulated bottle, be sure to read up on which models it will work with before purchasing it. The insulated bottle has been tested and approved for use with this type of freezer model by both the US military and the United States Department of Defense. Although the price may be higher, you can expect to spend about six hours or more a day in the freezer with this model, so the money you pay up front may actually save you time down the road because it keeps your food cooler.

The Loop Cap Bottle: This one has two different caps to choose from, each with their own specific benefits. The most common style is a loop cap, which gives you the ability to close the bottle without taking your head off of the rest of the bottle. The other style is a top capped bottle, which are insulated like the Pro Solution, but comes with a stainless steel cap for a little bit of extra durability. Either of these models are great choices, but the Loop Cap is probably your best option.