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November 30, 2020

Fabrics to Stay Dry and Odor Free After a Workout


Why Fabric Choice Matters


The clothing you wear can make a difference in how you feel while exercising. Your workout t-shirt fabric is the difference between being wet and sweaty or dry after a session. If you're still wearing 100% cotton, this article is for you. Keep reading to find three alternatives for a more comfortable workout.




Polyester is a fabric you'll see around often in different types of clothing. Polyester is a low priced, easy to find, multi-purpose material. When added to a blend, it can reduce the garment's price. Polyester is a lightweight fabric, resistant to stains, stretching, and wrinkles. A light, low priced workout t-shirt resistant to sweat stains is excellent to have.


If you're looking for something that can handle the outdoors, polyester can do that too. Polyester can provide UV protection, which makes wearing it an appealing option. Since polyester is a plastic-based fabric, it's weather-resistant and great for outdoor use.


As appealing as polyester may sound, it does have drawbacks. A t-shirt made of polyester is synthetic. A synthetic shirt is more likely to hold onto odors, making it less suitable for long term wear. Overcome this drawback by finding a polyester blend. Look for something natural such as cotton, that can absorb moisture and odors.


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Spandex is sometimes called elastane or Lycra. It's all the same thing, but Lycra is a spandex brand name originating from the DuPont Corporation. No matter what you choose to call it, spandex is the best fabric for a workout involving a high range of motion. It can stretch anywhere from 5-8 times its original size and back to normal.


Spandex is stretchy, quick-drying, and form-fitting. These features make it ideal for aerobic exercises and compression wear. Spandex usually isn't used alone. If you need your workout t-shirt to have some stretch, spandex is the way to go.


Spandex is usually expensive, being synthetic and laborious to produce.


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Bamboo is often labeled bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose. It's a lightweight, odor-resistant, and absorbent fabric. A soft, durable material that wicks odors and works to keep you dry will always be in demand. When bamboo is in a workout t-shirt, it can do that and much more.


Bamboo is another excellent choice for outdoor use. Bamboo, like polyester, can provide UV ray protection. These traits are why bamboo is one of the premium fabrics in the workout industry. Bamboo can serve as a stretchier, more absorbent cotton substitute.


For a soft, premium, versatile material that's ready to handle whatever you can throw at it, go with bamboo.


A negative of bamboo is that it's usually one of the most expensive options.


Choosing the Fabric for You


When choosing fabric for your workout t-shirt, consider which exercises you do most.


For something adaptable and low priced, go for a polyester blend. For a form-fitting fabric flexible enough for your movements, go after spandex. If you want a premium fabric that has a solution to all your workout needs, go for bamboo.


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